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Written on: May 26, 2014, 05:50:33 PM

Hello Tribes 2 Community,
Tribes 2 has been an ever-evolving game since its publication in 2001 by the actions of numerous modders, map-makers, skinners, and scripters. While many players will happily dispute the ethics of modifying their base Tribes Next install, the fact is that most competitive players play a heavily-modified version of the game by using scripts. Many of the features now standard in first-person shooter titles are present in Tribes 2 only in script form. Examples include network smoothing factor (see interpolate below), field-of-view adjust (see zScript-WeaponFOV or uberZoom), radar minimap (see borCChud below), or vehicle mouse sensitivity (see PilotModeIII).

Most of these scripts are made to gain an advantage over other players, while many are solely aesthetic in nature. It is my expectation that a more balanced playing field will result from these files being available to the entire community. Additionally, these files present the opportunity to modernize Tribes 2 by including some in future Tribes Next releases. I hope that this post fosters a discussion of what direction to take.

Support.vl2: Necessary file for running any scripts.
Map packs: All the maps needed for competitive and public play.
zScript-CleanDSO: Deletes extra files created by T2 when exiting the game. Avoids script errors.

Interpolate: Changes how player position data is smoothed out. Many players prefer a less smooth, but more accurate representation of where the server says players are. A more accurate player position will result in fewer “rubber bullets” with chainguns and shots passing through other players.
The script requires four numbers as input. Values I have used in the past include: 5 25 0 0, 4 20 0 0, 3 15 0 0, 4 7 1 0.2, 3 15 1 0.2. These somewhat ping-dependent values were optimized for a 30-80 ms ping. Ask other players with similar pings for what they have found works best if your ping is different.
MultiInterpolate: Changes interpolate settings for every weapon and vehicle independently.
zScript-WeaponFOV: Sets weapon field of view (FOV) independently. A wider FOV is essential for awareness, while a slimmer FOV helps detailed aiming. I use 120 for all weapons besides chaingun which works better for me at 90 or 105.
PilotModeIII: Sets unique mouse sensitivity values for vehicles. A 3x boost on mouse sensitivity in the Shrike helped me tremendously.
uberZoom: Zoom and FOV options. Can be used to set zoom toggle on/off amongst many other zoom options.
Grabtimer: Reports time until flag auto returns to the stand from the field.
zFlagTimer: Another flag return time script.
DioGamma: In-game gamma adjust. Good for changing from light to dark maps.
zMuteAmbient: Mutes ambient hum and other noises.
_ZFFMineNade: Key bind to toss mine and grenade at the same time.
Textures Folder: These files are mainly of aesthetic value, but there is a distinct advantage in seeing brighter colors for weapon projectiles, grenades, footsteps, and jet trails. Skins folder - cool disc projectile and yellow grenades; Special folder - a gray out-of-bounds (OOB) grid courtesy of heat, my custom chaingun tracer (it's so pretty!), and other modified weapon projectiles and smoke courtesy of a compilation from Thaen; particle test.png - makes smoke trails, vehicle and jet exhaust, and footsteps purpleish orange; small_dot.png - changes waypoint from an X to a dot.

Heads up displays (HUDs):
HudManager: Moves HUDs around the screen with options to save different configurations.
freeHUDS: Breaks up life/energy bars and compass up into separate, hudMover-, HudManager-compatible pieces.
KillCompassWeaps: Used to remove default HUDs like weapons list and compass. I have modified it to only remove the compass (see TheSensorHud and zz_koko_skyboxes for replacements to the compass).
TheSensorHud: Small hud to indicate if player is out of line of sight of enemy sensors or players.
DioPackHUD: Adds a colored ring to indicate when your shield, sensor jammer, or cloak pack is activated.
uberKit: On-screen display whenever you pick up a new health kit. Can deploy kit automatically if damaged.
uberGotFlag: On-screen display whenever you grab the flag. Useful for avoiding those moments when you don't realize you have it. I have modified it to stay a solid color instead of blinking.
NewTimeHud: Displays game time and real system time.
zSCRIPT-NewVoteHud: Better vote hud.
zFpsHud: Displays frame rate.
zSpeedHud: Displays speed.
zPingHUD: Displays ping.
Deploy: Colored indicator for when an asset can be deployed successfully. Very useful for farmers.
WingGUI: Example of how I have arranged my HUDs for a simpler, more informative GUI.

Command console (CC) and Navigation:
borCChud: Creates a minimap of the command console on your screen. Will cause severe frame drop on modern PCs on certain maps.
playerwaypoint: Options for creating waypoints on other players through the command console.
AttackLOS: Creates a key bind for the "attack here" order wherever your reticle is placed. Useful for defensive players marking the location of incoming cappers or heavies.
borCommanderClean: New command console icons.
silverCmdIcons: Turns command console player icons into arrows that indicate their light of sight.
NavOptions: Changes navigation marker font, size and color.
useDot and smalldot: Changes waypoint from an X to a dot.
TeamCountHud_Modified: Displays team counts.
zWeaponIcons: Colored weapon icons.

Aesthetics and indicators:
zzzzzWingRets: My custom reticles.
zGmdTerrain: More simple, T1-like terrain textures.
zz_koko_skyboxes: Gray-tiled sky box with compass directions on each wall. Set "skybox only" in graphics options to use.
Vastatio skins: Perhaps the best skins in T2 (next to happy puppy of course :p)
zzzwhite-light: Cool disc projectile.
zSmallFlagIndicators-box+arrow: Smaller flag indicators.
zzNewIFF: Skinny arrow indicators for friend/foe (IFFs).
zzzzzflag-indicator-1: Custom flag indicator in console.Chat
FilterMSG: Puts death messages from chat into a separate HUD with icons instead of text.
uberChat: Chat display options.
TracerECM: Chat content options.
ShitIHaveTheFlag: Tells team when you grab the flag.

Fun Extras:
Chaching: Satisfying cash register noise for kills.
InvTaunt: Taunt animation whenever on invo.
localtaunt: Taunt animation when you make a kill.
UTFlagSounds: Unreal Tournament flag sounds.
UT2K3 sounds: Unreal Tournament 2003 sounds for kill chains and flag grabs.
zVOICEPACK-T2-ALL-IN-ONE: All relevant voicepacks for T2.
This link below contains every script that I have found essential or useful to the Tribes experience as I know it. How to use these files: The textures folder goes in gamedata/base, .vl2 files are compressed folders (opened by winzip or similar tool) that also go in gamedata/base, and .cs files (opened in wordpad or similar) go in gamedata/base/scripts/autoexec.


Well, that's it. Have fun.
- Winged Warrior

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