Tribes 2 isn't easy to master, but when you're up and running it's a tremendous amount of fun. It is a team-based first-person-shooter designed primarily for online multiplay.

While getting kills certainly helps, the player must also achieve the various objectives specified in the scenario, ranging from attack-and-hold objective, to assaults on enemy fortresses, taking enemy flags, and more. Each member must weigh the trade-off between firepower and protection, as well how much ammo to carry. Tribes 2 adds vehicles to the mix, as well as a new race, and larger maps.

Weapons vary from the sniper laser rifle to chain guns to grenade launchers to the massive mortar. Tribes 2 adds three brand new weapons, including melee shock lance, missile launcher (used against the new air vehicles), and ELF gun (drains energy from target).


Tribes 2 Config AIO

Fresh install with mappacks, scripts, interpolation settings, and textures preincluded. Great for new players who want a quick and easy process.

Shareware Tribes 2 GSI

This is the stock Tribes2 Installer meaning you'll have to install the TribesNext patch and find/configure scripts and settings yourself.


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