Tribes 2 isn't easy to master, but when you're up and running it's a tremendous amount of fun. It is a team-based first-person-shooter designed primarily for online multiplay.

While getting kills certainly helps, the player must also achieve the various objectives specified in the scenario, ranging from attack-and-hold objective, to assaults on enemy fortresses, taking enemy flags, and more. Each member must weigh the trade-off between firepower and protection, as well how much ammo to carry. Tribes 2 adds vehicles to the mix, as well as a new race, and larger maps.

Weapons vary from the sniper laser rifle to chain guns to grenade launchers to the massive mortar. Tribes 2 adds three brand new weapons, including melee shock lance, missile launcher (used against the new air vehicles), and ELF gun (drains energy from target).


Tribes 2 is relatively easy to install and was made freeware upon release of Tribes Vengeance. Any new install will require the use of the Tribesnext patch which replaces the original master server with a new one. New accounts, Community Features, and Online Capability are available.

Tribes 2 Config

Fresh install with mappacks, scripts, interpolation settings, and textures preincluded. Great for new players who want a quick and easy process.

Game Modes

Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag is the original game mode. CTF makes use of all armors in the game; Scout, Assault, and Juggernaut. Teams have the work to fullfill objectives like going after the enemy flag, destroying enemy assets. All the while, defending theirs. With a full range of vehicles and turrets, the team that works best together wins the match.


Lakrabbit is a game mode popular among the purists. In Lak, points are given based on the skill of your shots. Not by the time you hold the flag like normal rabbit. With this mindset the rabbit is forced to engage back with the other players. You have to fight to keep it. As the rabbit, you can activate a range of powerups thru specific actions making it a fun alternative to other modes.


In-Game Stats are pulled directly from the Discord PUB server and uploaded to be viewed online.
You can view matches previously played with all scores and individual stats viewable. Players can also look at their own stats, as well as the weapons they most often use. This system is also available on the Tribes2 server thru the use of the F2 key (Score window).


Join discord to be updated on the happenings of the Tribes 2 community. Follow on-going games with the use of, Battlebot, a Tribes 2 server query bot. Get help with installing tribes, using scripts, and developing strats. View and post Tribes2 media and content.